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Thursday, August 12, 2004

At SIXTUS.NET, Mario Sixtus, freier Journalist, reports:
Steve Garfield documented the Convention not only via keypad but also via Videoblog. My favorite piece is this one. Garfield reported from the very exclusive Blogger-Breakfast at the Bostoner Hilton Hotel. To stupid, he wasn't invited, but with a video camera in his hand he made it through security as a journalist. This is by itself funny already.

Howard Dean was a suprise guest at the Blogger-Breakfast and he had to talk obviously helplessly about Blogs. Steve's question if he is getting the whole think / understanding the whole thing was answered by a Blogger (Dave Winer): "Dean doesn't get it!"
Translation by Anja Kohlhammer.
posted by Steve Garfield 8:06 AM

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